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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Newborn Book

Well Fish and Grits is officially PUBLISHED!  I've pressed the red button people and ain't no turning back now.  Let me catch you up on process.  Over the last month I've been totally engrossed in the editing process of Fish and Grits.  Rule # 1 - Just 'cause it's electronic, don't mean it don't have be right!  The readers of electronic books (E-Books) expect the same well written, mistake free product that they would buy in the their local bookstore.

Therein lies the problem.  Most E-Book writers don't have the money to afford a professional copywriter (thanks to some very good friends, I did) and we struggled to produce a quality product with no financial means.  I caution you to be creative and trying to produce the quality product because it will be expected.

Second, don't assume that your book will sell itself.  It won't.  You MUST do some marketing of your book.  Join the Amazon, Smashwords, and Lulu Discussion Boards and check on them fairly often.  You will find a whole community of e-readers there who will share their work and allow you to share your own.

Do use social networking.  Take advantage of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other FREE networking tools available to publicize your book.

Third, talk about your book project with anyone who will listen, and they talk about it some more.  These people are not just your family, friends, co-workers, etc., they are also your customers and they want as much information about your product as they can get before buying.

Fourth, research and read up on any information you can find about the electronic publishing industry.

Fifth, you will be afraid, like every new mother or father, do it any way.

Six, links, links and more links.  Create links to your work everywhere.  The internet offers you a world of customers.  Grab as many as you can get

Seven, take advantage of the chance to up your own book review of your work.  Write your own review, leave question if you like about the book and the journey.  Ask people to review your book and bite your tongue when they do so.  You want honest criticism of your work - that is the only way you get better at it.

Eighth, enjoy the journey.  Independently publishing is a lot of hard work.  Remember that and allow yourself time away from the project.

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I wish you good writing and Godspeed.


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