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Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Labor

This is will definitely not be a quick birth.  In fact it feels as though this book will never be born.  I guess this is that period when the mother prepares for their new arrival by cleaning everything in site and preparing the home.  For me, since I'm preparing for an inanimate object, preparing equals research, design and much patience.

The independent publishing field is wide open, still new (but not brand new), and growing daily.  This means there is a wealth of information to be found on the subject and people willing to share their experiences and knowledge.  One these places can be found at which offers current and past web seminars on independently publishing that makes the book inside of you jump with joy.  This site is like finding a treasure chest of publishing wisdom, offering information on how to sell your book, listing distributors, giving creative opportunities ideas, how to(s) on marketing strategy and packaging and  much, much more!  Take a visit to this site.

Another important piece of this journey has been waiting for the doctor (or copy editor) to tell you that your baby (book) is turning downward and heading towards delivery.  Nothing you can do about this but work on your front and back cover ideas, write your dedications and thank you(s) and think about layout.  Since none of these things are exactly easy thinking, this is a good time to get them done.

So, although I feel as though I'm about ready to POP, my baby is still not ready for delivery.  Of well, guess I'll eat another pickle and pray.  Hey, what else can a writer do?


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