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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Book is Born

I'm exhausted - Isn't every mother after the birth of her child?  But Fish and Grits is finished the copy editing stage, which felt like labor and delivery to me.  This is the segment when the book is totally out of your control and you can do nothing else but PUSH PUSH PUSH and hope your kid comes out with 10 fingers and 10 toes or in the case of a book, no errors and no holes.

Working with your copy editor is like working with your obstetrician, both of them open you real wide and sometimes you see things you don't want to see.  Whether it feels uncomfortable to you or not working with a copy editor is as good of an idea as working with your doctor is.  Through the process can be painful at times, the end result is worth the hours of back and forth.  Your copy editor, if she's good, like mine (who was great) will help you take your book to the next level.  Don't ever think you can't get better or the story can't get better - We can all "Make it more better" as Denzel said in Mo' Better Blues.

I'm constantly reminding myself that before a mother takes her child home she plans for the homecoming.  The homecoming of Fish and Grits involves me locating a publishing corp. that I trust with my project (I'm sticking with Createspace), plotting out an marketing course and building a marketing team, writing/re-evaluating my budget, considering distribution courses of actions and options. All of which takes patience.  Unfortunately for me, patience is my biggest weakness.


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