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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selling Your Book Ain't Easy

So, I've spent the last couple of weeks doing absolutely everything I could possibly think of to market Fish and Grits.  Let me catch you up: (1) Advertised on Facebook; (2) Put book up on Lulu and joined community groups on site; (3) Put two additional videos up on Facebook and YouTube; (5) Participated in community groups on Smashwords and Createspace; (6) Joined a wonderful literary community group where writers can share their work, read the works of others, and give feedback; (7) emailed everyone I knew and asked them to email their contacts; and (8) purchased ads on Facebook and Mosaic.

Seems like a lot, seems like it should have attracted some attention right?  Maybe, maybe not.  First, remember not to depend to heavily on friends and family.  Although they tend to have good intentions, good intention don't buy or sell books.  Second, don't be to worry if your book doesn't sell a lot of copies at first.  Whether selling electronically or in person, buyers want the opportunity to mull over their book buying decision.  Third, keep telling yourself the first two things and you shouldn't lose all of your hair.

Bottom line - selling your book ain't going to be easy, just continue to work hard.  Someone told me once that "I'm only responsible for the effort, not the result."  That feels like pretty good advice to me right now.

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