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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Raising a Book

Wow, a lot has happened in the last few months.  Fish and Grits official went on line on Kindle in August, followed not so quickly with Smashwords, LuLu and finally Barnes and Noble.  I've found out quite bit since publishing.  Let me share a few things with you. 

In addition to electronic publishing, I ordered 500 copies of Fish and Grits.  The first week I sold about 70 at book - true book hustling - by asking any and everybody at my place of employment "if they would like to try my book."  I found out, people will buy just to support you, because you've always been friendly, smiled and said "good morning".  At first I worried whether they would like the book until a friend of mine reminded me about all the books she's purchase which has gone unread and remains to this day permanent dust collectors.  That taught me that when you are publishing your book your have to because a salesperson.  You have to sell your book like a product, and no like it's your baby that people will look at and judge.  Some people will give you feedback, most won't.  That doesn't mean that they don't like the book, they just don't know how to respond to it.  Either way, your job is now the retail salesperson and you must take that just as seriously as the position of writer.

Second, I used every form of free media I could think of, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc. to reach out to a new audience.  I befriended and accepted the friendship of every and anybody on Facebook and advertised, advertised, advertised my book. 

I created commercials using family and friends and posted them on my Facebook page and sent them out as emails.

I designed postcards and fliers to hand out about Fish and Grits. 

I had a all out book launching party which included a Fish and Grits brunch where the guests received brunch, and a signed copy of my book.  TURN OUT WAS TERRIFIC!  Your family and friends do want to be apart of your success.  Use them until they stop taking your calls and ignoring your email messages.

Very Important:  I scoped out and joined on-line community groups on Amazon, LuLu and Barnes and Noble. 

I went where I was invited and prepared myself to sell my book:  Always carry a Sharpie, a table cover, and at least a small amount of your books.  Wear a smile and try to keep your fingernails looking decent (people will be looking).

Talk about your book to anyone who is willing to listen, and to a few people who are not.  Often they are your best buyers.  Be prepare to give some books away. 

Ask for reviews from your readers.  REVIEWS SELLS BOOKS!

Get in involved with a community organization.  That is a great way to make friends and get a lot of help with your personal goals while helping others.

Ask others for help.

Just think, my book is only 3 months. 


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